Lord Arthur Saville's Crime



Another classic drama from Little Baddow, with the admirable production values we have come to expect at the Memorial Hall.

The Grosvenor Square drawing-room is skilfully suggested in a set which is solid, convincing and beautifully dressed. The characters are generally well costumed, too, with some stunning outfits for the Aunts.

This adaptation of a short story is not The Importance, of course, though we are reminded of it in the opening moments, when Arthur is overheard at the piano by his manservant. These two roles were excellently played by Martin Lucas, nice but dim, with expressive features and body language, and James Oakley, erudite and unflappable, with scene-stealing sideburns.
Sarah Trippett-Jones gave us a lively, flirty Sybil, and there was strong character work in support from repertory actors Paul Randall – a saturnine palmist – and Ken Rolf – the doddery Dean of Paddington.Grandes dames aplenty, including an imperious Vicky Tropman and Gill Peregrine as an annoying Aunt. Not forgetting Jake Hawkes as the incompetent anarchist.

John Peregrine's enjoyable production showed commendable attention to detail – the scene changes covered by Ibert, and the clever curtain call.
Written by Michael Gray